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Spark extinguishing

Extinguish sparks before they turn into a fire

Fires and explosions often have serious consequences for both company and employees. A spark extinguishing system detects potential ignition sources the very moment they develop and extinguishes them before they cause any damage.

Nextech offers the world’s fastest and most widely used spark extinguishing system, developed by the German manufacturer GreCon. The system automatically detects and extinguishes sparks or glowing embers in enclosed sections of your facility where different types of dust or other flammable material passes through or is stored.

The extinguishment is carried out using techniques tailored to the specific facility – such as extinguishment by water or gas or diversion or interruption of material flow by diversion or shut-off gates. Our wide range of detectors and countermeasures enables us to always customize an optimal solution for each individual facility.
The spark extinguishing systems are suitable for:

  • Dark areas (e.g. inside pipes or in silos)
  • Bright surroundings (e.g. at conveyor belts or production lines)
  • High temperature areas (e.g. in connection with a drying process)
  • Low temperature areas
  • Exposed environments, e.g. corrosive or very dirty environments
  • Areas involving a high risk of explosion

Spark extinguishing is applicable in a wide range of industries, including:

Nextech oversees the entire process from project planning to start-up of the finished installation – and the subsequent service and maintenance of the spark extinguishing system.

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