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Fire detection

Detect fires before they turn into catastrophes

Once a fire in an industrial facility has started to develop, it is often a matter of seconds before it causes serious damage to buildings, machinery, products or employees. Having fire detection equipment capable of detecting the fire and triggering alarms and extinguishment before the smoke and fire is even seen or smelled is crucial.

Nextech offers advanced fire detection equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers: GreCon and Schrack Seconet. The products can be used in a wide range of industries and in various exposed environments and may be combined in tailored solutions that give your facility optimal protection and ensure that fires are detected in time and countermeasures initiated before they cause serious damage.

Our product range includes equipment capable of detecting:

  • Sparks
  • Glowing embers
  • Formation of smoke and gas
  • Critical temperature developments (rapid and gradual)
  • Open flames

The products have a high level of sensitivity, ensuring fast detection as soon as there is a risk of a fire breaking out. Countermeasures are initiated automatically, and expensive damages and production shutdowns are limited or prevented altogether.


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