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How spark extinguishing works

Achieve optimal protection against fire and explosions

A spark extinguishing system provides maximum protection against fire and explosion as sparks and glowing embers are detected and extinguished the moment they occur. We offer a wide selection of sensors and countermeasures, including products from the world-leading German spark extinguishing system manufacturer GreCon, and can at any time customize a system to fit the specific needs of your company.

 A spark extinguishing system from Nextech gives you:

Advanced detectors

GreCon’s advanced spark detecting systems detect sparks of all sizes – including sparks from friction or defective machine parts in grinders, cylinders, mills and crushers or glowing embers in the filters of silos where flammable materials are stored. The detectors use advanced technology that detects the infrared radiation and energy intensity from the sparks, and they are capable of detecting sparks even through material that is several centimetres thick, enabling them to function reliably even in very dirty or otherwise exposed environments.

The world’s fastest extinguishing system

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In 2012 GreCon introduced a brand new ultra high-speed extinguishing system with a response time from spark detection to extinguishment of as little as 40 milliseconds – less than a sixth of the response time of prevalent systems. This gives you a higher level of safety – and at the same time a less expensive system, as fewer components are needed for each facility.

Easy-to-use control panel

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GreCon’s control panel uses touch-and-slide technology as known from iPads and smartphones. Floor plans and flow diagrams of the facility can be imported into the system, allowing easy and accessible monitoring and control of each individual component.

In-built guide in case of errors

The control system uses an integrated log which continually registers events occurring at each component. In case of errors or alarms, the system can print out a description of the error as well as a suggested procedure enabling the company’s employees to repair or remedy the error.

Continuous optimisation of hardware and software

GreCon’s approximately 50 development engineers make a focused effort to continually renew and optimise their systems. The company motto ’innovation is our tradition’ combines the company’s 100-year history with the focus on continually developing new products and optimising the existing ones. Should we or one of our clients encounter a problem, we simply contact GreCon, who then solves the problem and develops a system update as fast as possible.


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