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Sensor accessories

Sensors in extreme environments are exposed to a great deal from heat, cold and dirt. To ensure the reliability and longevity of the sensors, Nextech offers customized accessories for optimizing the performance of the sensors in these environments.

Extra protection against dirt

Ekstra -beskyttelse -mod -snavs

If accumulation of dirt or other sediments on the sensor is expected, special air purge adapters can be used to make the detection more reliable and prolong cleaning intervals.


Light intrusion


Light intrusion (artificial or daylight) may have an adverse effect on the detection of infrared radiation from the ignition sources. In order to avoid false alarms and to optimize the detection results, slotted diaphragms are used.


Anti-freeze protection for extinguishing devices

Anti Freeze Protection


Heat tape and insulating material can be used to frost-proof water pipes and extinguishing devices in areas exposed to low temperatures. We offer custom-made and easy-to-maintain insulating bags for the extinguishing devices.


Control panels

The latest multi-touch control console from GreCon and the new BS7 NET server technology enable the installation of a large number of local control consoles connected to a number of BS7 Net servers and connected computers situated in key locations on the company premises.

Multi-Touch panels for fast and easy operation



The new 10” colour display with multi-touch function enables employees to quickly and easily retrieve desired information from different parts of the system. The information is presented in a clear and understandable way – making information access easy and always available.

The panels provide access to a wide range of data, including:

  • Data on current/recent alarms
  • Data on development over time
  • Visualization through complete flowcharts/flow sheets
  • Zoom function for an easy closer look at areas with alarms
  • Easy selection of the required information through distinctive symbols
  • Option of storing instruction manuals, giving employees easy access to these at any time

If you already have a GreCon control console, the new user-friendly multi-touch panels can most likely replace it.


Easy and clear handling – BS 7 NET

BS7NET System

The network technology of BS 7 NET makes it suitable for local installation of the space-saving control consoles of the CC 7000 and CC 5000 series in different parts of the facility – e.g. in control rooms close to the production. Control consoles can be installed in relevant places for easy access in case of emergencies or alarms. Easy access furthermore means easy maintenance.

BS 7 NET lets employees:

  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Administrate the disabling of alarms
  • Collect all information and communicate with the control consoles and operation clients that can be installed in different sections of the production
  • Get a quick overview of alarm frequencies – recorded in milliseconds
  • Record all activity on the control consoles
  • Get an easy overview of danger zones and necessary actions
  • Exchange data with other control systems via gateways to Profibus, Profinet or DeviceNet

All data from the systems can be accessed on local computers connected to the BS 7 NET.

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