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– Nextech is one of Europe’s leading suppliers and consultants within fire protection for production and processing facilities, silos and ventilation systems.

Achieve the highest level of fire protection for your employees, buildings and machinery – Nextech offers you fire and spark detection and extinguishing systems tailored to your facility. We have several years’ experience providing protection for a range of industries and handle the entire process from idea to finished system.

Read more about spark extinguishing systems for specific industries below.

Power plants: <br>Ensure your customers stable power supply – Prevent fires and production interruptions with Nextech fire protection

Power plants

Prevent fires and explosions in hammer mills, transport systems, firing chambers or silos >> 
Machine industry: <br>Give your clients higher protection in their production facilities

Machine industry

Give your clients a higher level of safety – include fire protection in the design of machinery >> 
Recycling: <br>Prevent fires during violent processing or in storage facilities


Prevent fires and explosions during the violent processes that recycling materials undergo >> 
Metal industry: <br>Safe processing even at high temperatures

Metal industry

Prevent dust explosions or chemical explosions during processing or in ventilation systems >> 
Food industry: <br>Safe production of dry and pulverised foodstuffs

Food industry

Prevent fires and explosions in machinery, drying systems and silos – System approved for food production >>  
Animal feed industry:<br> Prevent dust explosions and fires in animal feed production

Animal feed industry

Prevent fires and explosions in trundles, coolers, driers, filters and silos. System approved for animal feed production >> 
Wood-processing industries: <br>Prevent explosions and fires in wood chips and dust

Wood-processing industries

Prevent dust explosions and fires in raw materials and finished wood products >> 
Biomass: <br>Prevent fires and explosions in biomass production


Prevent fires and explosions in hammer mills, dryers, silos, cooling towers, pellet presses and transport systems >> 
Cardboard | Fibres | Textile

Cardboard | Fibres | Textile

Prevent fires and explosions in raw materials and finished products >>