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Cardboard, fibres and textiles constitute combustible material in all steps of the production process from raw materials to end product. Production processes in which the materials are in contact with potential ignition sources in various mechanical processes constitute potential danger zones for fires and explosions that may cause:

  • Serious injuries or fatalities among the employees
  • Damage to machinery, transport systems and storage facilities
  • Production interruptions
  • Loss of income
  • Expenses for repairs and replacement of damaged machinery
  • Loss of customers

Ignition sources in cardboard, fibre and textile production

Within paper and cardboard production, it is especially the processing of the paper after it leaves the paper machine that holds risks. In this phase, the finished paper is cut, trimmed and punched, and the mechanical processes may cause sparks or embers that may travel on the facility’s conveyor belts to reach the dusty conditions in cyclones, filters or presses and cause fires or dust explosions.

In the fibre and textile industries, the ignition sources exist throughout the production process, from the moment that cotton and other natural or artificial fibres are prepared for spinning and until the finished textiles leave the facility. Textile dust, fibres and rolls may be set on fire by sparks and embers caused by foreign bodies, defective machinery or overheating, and sparks and small fires can quickly spread through the materials or through extraction shafts, conveyor belts and similar transport or extraction systems.

Particular danger zones in cardboard/paper/fibre/textile production that should be protected include:

  • Cutters
  • Extraction and ventilation systems
  • Cyclones
  • Filters
  • Baling presses
  • Cleaning processes
  • Separators
  • Drums
  • Storage areas and facilities
  • Blow rooms

Gnistslukning Tekstilindustri

Gnistslukning Papirindustri

Tailored fire protection for the cardboard, fibre and textile industries

With a fire protection system from Nextech, the plant can be protected from the far majority of the ignition sources that occur during the production processes. Our product line includes a number of the world’s most advanced spark and fire detection components, extinguishment measures and alarm units – including GreCon’s spark detection and extinguishing systems that are the fastest in the world – and this lets us tailor a solution that provides optimal protection in each facility.

We begin each project with a thorough risk assessment and subsequently draw up a safety measure proposal. The proposal specifies the choice and location of the various components in the system and how they interact to ensure maximum fire protection.

A fire protection solution from Nextech includes:

  • A fast and reliable fire protection system tailored to your facility
  • Automatic detection and extinguishment of sparks, embers and other ignition sources – with minimal damage to your production
  • Advanced, approved extinguishing measures for cardboard, fibre and textile production
  • Registration of all instances of sparks, embers or (too) high temperatures, ensuring easy identification and remedy of danger zones

Nextech offers to handle the completion of fire protection projects from idea to finished installation and subsequent service and maintenance.


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