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Whether in terms of new constructions or existing plants, Nextech offers consultancy and planning on fire protection for any kind of production and processing facility, silos, extraction and ventilation systems etc., where the risk of fires and dust explosions is present.

Taking our point of departure in drawings of the facility and/or a hands-on evaluation of the facility, we will draw up a tailored project proposal illustrating: 

  • which parts of the facility should be protected
  • why these parts are under particular risk of fires and explosions
  • which, and how many fire protection components should be used to ensure safety in the parts in question
  • where the various fire protection components should be placed to provice maximun protection.

Nextech is among Europe''s leading experts within fire protection systems. We have several years' experience within planning for power plants and production facilities of all sizes and can thus offer you high-grade consultancy and planning tailored to each individual client's requirements and requests. Our client list numbers major facilities all over the world.

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