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Power plants:
Ensure your customers stable power supply – Prevent fires and production interruptions with Nextech fire protection

Electricity is one of the crucial staples of today’s society. It is of vital importance that power plants have maximum operational reliability – and as such optimised fire protection in order to prevent fires and explosions that may have serious consequences such as:

  • serious injuries or fatalities among the employees
  • damages on machinery, transport systems and storage facilities
  • production interruptions
  • loss of income
  • expenses for repairs and replacement of damaged machinery
  • loss of customers

Ignition sources in power plants

The path from fuel source to power production is filled with ignition sources that can quickly develop dramatically. Foreign bodies, defective machinery and overheating may cause sparks and embers that are transferred to other parts of the facility through extraction systems or conveyor belts and thereby reach areas or materials – including coal, biomass and wooden pellets that are used as fuel – that are highly combustible and may constitute a high risk of fire or explosions.

Particular danger zones in power plants that should be protected include:

  • Hammer mills
  • Transport systems
  • Silo systems
  • Firing chambers
  • Filter units
  • Cyclones
  • Smoke gas filters
  • Filters
  • Storage areas/containers holding materials with a risk of spontaneous combustion

Maximise the fire protection of your power plant 

Gnistslukning Energisektor

An advanced fire protection system from Nextech gives you optimised protection against fires. Highly sensitive detectors and efficient extinguishing systems ensure that ignition sources are detected and extinguished the moment they occur. If a fire should break out, the system automatically sounds the alarm and initiates countermeasures, limiting the damages from the fire. 

World-class fire protection – tailored to each power plant

Nextech sells a range of advanced fire protection components, which enables us to tailor a solution to any power plant no matter the size. We compose the system of the spark detectors, spark extinguishing measures, fire and smoke detectors and extinguishing components that will provide optimal protection and fastest possible extinguishment in each plant.

A fire protection system from Nextech includes:

  • fast and reliable detection of sparks and embers in danger zones
  • fast and efficient extinguishment of sparks, embers and fires
  • the world’s fastest spark extinguishing system, which in 99% of incidents is capable of extinguishing or removing sparks and glowing embers with no production interruption
  • advanced registration of all instances of embers or sparks, enabling easy identification of causes

Nextech offers to handle the completion of fire protection projects from idea to finished installation and subsequent service and maintenance.


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