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Machine industry:
Give your clients higher protection in their production facilities

Fires and explosions in production facilities may have serious consequences for both the company, at risk for damage to machinery and employees, production interruptions, loss of income and large expenses for repairs, and for the end-users of the company’s products when delivery of the products is delayed.

By incorporating advanced fire protection in the machines you manufacture, you can offer your clients better and safer products – which might just be the determining element that makes the customers choose you above your competitors. Collaboration with Nextech may give you:

  • better products to offer your customers
  • possibility for raising your prices
  • products with a higher level of operational reliability, as damages from fires and explosions are prevented
  • a competitive edge over your competitors
  • more customers and higher sales.

Ignition sources in machinery

Machines with movable parts in which foreign bodies or defects may cause friction; conveyor belts where sparks or embers may be transferred around the facility in the materials or products being transported, or storage facilities such as silos where embers and sparks may occur where raw materials meet machine parts and subsequently cause dust explosions – there are numerous potential ignition sources in production facilities, depending on the types of production company the machinery is meant for.

A fire protection system from Nextech serves as protection against up to 99% of the ignition sources in machinery, including in:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Extraction systems
  • Mills
  • Crushers
  • Cyclones
  • Filters
  • Sieves
  • Silos
  • Trundles

Fire protection tailored to each machine and facility

At Nextech, we have several years’ experience within fire protection of a range of industries and can give you expert advice on fire protection of the machines that you develop and manufacture for your clients.

We develop thorough, tailored risk analyses and safety measure proposals, and we sell and install some of the world’s most advanced components for spark and fire detection and extinguishing – enabling you to offer your clients the highest possible level of safety in their production facilities.

Our client list includes facilities within these industries:

Nextech offers to handle the completion of fire protection projects from idea to finished installation and subsequent service and maintenance.


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