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These industries use thermographic monitoring

The IRMonitor system is particularly useful in the following industries and application areas:

  • Fire detection systems for storage areas, including waste bunkers, paper storage areas and fuel depots
  • Monitoring systems for foundry ladles and torpedo cars in the metal industry
  • Monitoring systems for critical containers for the detection of hotspots and weak points
  • Flare detection in chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Leakage detection in pipelines and machine components
  • Monitoring of production lines
  • Access control systems


Application examples:

Foundry ladle monitoring

IRMonitor gives you:

  • Hotspot analysis – enables the early detection of weaknesses in the fireproof insulation
  • Trend analysis of temperatures – enables the maximisation of operation intervals and optimal planning of maintenance activities
  • Installation of high-temperature-calibrated infrared cameras in water-cooled protective enclosures
  • Data storage in central server units
  • Web-based access for multiple users

Flare monitoring

IRMonitor gives you:

  • Automatic alarm if the flare is extinguished
  • Automatic switch to live-feed in case of alarm
  • Long-distance contact-free temperature measurement
  • Monitoring of multiple flares with one system
  • Monitoring system that can be implemented in existing networks for minimized installation costs

Early warning in case of fire

IRMonitor gives you:

  • Trend analysis of temperatures – enables the detection of smouldering materials
  • Live-view to support fire-fighting activities, providing a clear image even through smoke and steam
  • Easy integration with existing fire alarm systems
  • Prevention of false alarm through the masking of hot components and filtering of temperature peaks, including moving vehicles

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