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Tailored solutions

Get a tailored solution through the flexible, modular design

The IRMonitor system makes it possible to create a tailored monitoring solution for every industry and company, as it is possible to combine the hardware and software modules of the system in various ways. The IRMonitor components can also be combined with our spark detection and extinguishing components and other types of fire detection components.

Depending on the company’s requirements, different types of cameras are chosen and installed on the relevant high-risk locations in the facility, including production line, raw material storage or end product storage areas, whereupon the data from all the cameras are collected and analysed in a control unit that can be connected to the company’s other IT and control systems.

As needed, system administration can take place from one central unit or at several decentralised control units, and remote monitoring even over large distances is also possible.

Below, we present three possible monitoring concepts – feel free to contact us to hear how an IRMonitor solution can be tailored to your facility.


Concept 1:
IRMonitor-RPU (Remote Process Unit)

An IRMonitor-RPU system consists of a robust control cabinet with an embedded PC and a number of peripheral units. This system independently and autonomously controls monitoring with up to four infrared cameras.

Monitoring the user interface through a remote control unit is possible.

Irmonitor RPU


Concept 2:
IRMonitor-CCU (Central Computing Unit)

This system is based on a powerful processor unit that enables the use of a large variety of sensor units (IR and vision cameras). Through CTU’s (Camera Terminal Units), the cameras and their external units (including pan/tilt heads) can be integrated into system solutions, even over large distances. In addition, the CCU concept is composed with a central user interface and user console for the monitoring and visualisation of the monitoring system.

IRMonitor -CCU


Concept 3:
IRMonitorCS (Client-Server)

IRMonitorCS controls a network of ”smart cameras” that independently monitor the zone that each has been allotted. Alarms/notifications and control are carried out either directly by the camera itself or through a central camera control unit. This concept is especially suited to contexts where a large number of cameras are needed.

IRMonitor CS


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