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How IRMonitor works

Maximum monitoring and advanced image analysis

IRMonitor combines advanced camera technology and optimised computer software and hardware in a dependable and reliable solution that gives you maximum safety – 24 hours a day. The system not only sounds an alarm in emergencies when a temperature approaches a critical level – it also sounds an alarm in the case of gradually developing weak points in storage containers or transport units that in time may lead to accidents such as spills of molten materials.

IRMonitor gives you:

  • Precise and reliable temperature monitoring in high-risk areas
  • Automatic control and advanced analysis of images from several cameras gathered in one control system
  • Automatic scanning of image data and comparison with set temperature threshold limit values
  • Visualisation of temperature development over time
  • Visualisation of all monitored areas on a map
  • Minimisation of false alarms through intelligent filtering of temperature fluctuations


IRMonitor builds on three core functions:

1. System configuration

The IR cameras are installed and allocated their monitoring zones (viewing range) through the IRMonitor software. In this process, the conditions of each area, including placement, need for pan/tilt mounting and temperature thresholds for alarm/forewarning are taken into account.

Each zone is individually configured and the settings stored in the measurement plan for continuous evaluation.


Irmonitor Systemkonfiguration

2. Monitoring

The control of all components (infrared cameras, pan/tilt units etc.) is carried out by the IRMonitor software around the clock.

This includes:

  • Evaluation of the thermal images recorded by each camera
  • Evaluation of the conditions in each zone
  • Management of recordings/adjustment of the pan/tilt units
  • Archiving of images and results
  • Trend analysis
  • Automatic self-verification of the system
  • Triggering of output signals (including alarms, forewarnings, system status)


Irmonitor Overvaagning

3. Alarms/signals

If IRMonitor registers a critical temperature, the relevant signal is generated through the output interface (digital I/O, OPC or Modbus-TCP). This automatically triggers countermeasures – for instance various kinds of extinguishment.

The alarm zone is highlighted on the map view of the control interface and a live feed from the zone concerned is shown in the major screen window. This makes it possible to identify the cause of the alarm quickly and precisely.

In addition, it is possible to program the system to automatically create a report of relevant data in the case of an alarm.

IRMonitor is also capable of carrying out “template matching“ which enables the system to identify moving objects (including a hot passing vehicle) or blur irrelevant areas within the camera zone and thereby prevent false alarms.


Irmonitor Alarmer Signaler


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