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How fire detection works

Detect fires the moment they break out

With fire protection from Nextech, you get a tailored solution consisting of exactly those detectors and extinguishment components that fit your industry and facility optimally. We offer a range of different detectors for placement at critical points in your production facility, storage facility and production line, ensuring maximum protection for employees, raw materials, equipment and end products.

With fire protection from Nextech, you get:

  • Instant alarm and automatic alarm and/or initiation of countermeasures in emergencies
  • Reliable detection of all kinds of critical temperature developments and the formation of smoke
  • Quick access to data for the relevant detector in case of alarm
  • Complete overview of all detectors – and their data – in one control system
  • Access to data over time, ensuring easy identification of critical developments or problematic areas
  • Option of central or decentralised system administration
  • Option of linkage of detectors of different types and from different manufacturers into one system

A fire detection system consists of three core functions:

1. Installation and configuration

The chosen detectors are installed and configured into one control system. Administration may be performed from either one central location in the company or locally from control units close to the production and storage areas. The control consoles can be situated in relevant locations, and the new multi-touch display enables easy and fast call-up of data and input of the required commands into the system. It is also possible to bring up instruction manuals through the control consoles, ensuring that they are always close at hand.

2. Monitoring

Each detector monitors the condition of the area concerned and may, depending on its type, automatically sound an alarm or forewarning in both urgent situations or at gradual critical developments in temperature or the formation of smoke.

3. Alarms/countermeasures

If a fire detector registers an emergency or critical development, an alarm is automatically sounded. In some systems, the detector is furthermore capable of automatically triggering extinguishment or other countermeasures in order to contain the fire.

Data concerning the alarm is sent to the control systems, in which employees can quickly get a complete overview of the type and cause of the alarm and take appropriate action on the basis of this.

Through the control console, it is also possible to see data for the development in the system over time – including the frequency of alarms or problematic zones where multiple alarms are triggered – and on the basis of this decide on corrective actions if necessary.


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