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Optimal fire detection for all purposes

Nextech offers a range of fire detectors, ensuring that we can always offer a tailored solution that provides the highest level of protection in your industry and facility. Read more about our products below:

Temperature monitoring


GreCon’s thermo detector TM1/9 detects both immediate and gradual rises in temperature. The detector has two different trigger functions:

  • In case of smouldering fire, for instance slow-rising temperatures, the alarm is triggered when the temperature reaches a pre-set threshold limit value.  
  • In case of immediate rises in temperature for instance in case of a fuel fire, the alarm is triggered in the instant the rise in temperature is registered – before the pre-set threshold is reached.


Detection of smouldering fires and other types of fire


Burning embers hidden inside material– for instance inside materials stored in a silo – release combustion gases. These gases can be detected using GreCon’s combustion gas detector BGM.

The detector detects the gases released by the smouldering fire and must consequently be installed in an area where the gases accumulate, making it possible to detect the gases before they are ignited and before the smouldering fire spreads.


Detection of open flames

Flame Detector

GreCon’s flame detector uses modern UV/IR-technology to ensure reliable flame detection. The UV sensor triggers an alarm as soon as open flames are detected, enabling employees to extinguish the fire manually before it spreads. Should the fire continue to spread, the independent IR sensor confirms the original alarm and triggers automatic fire extinguishment.

Smoke detection


GreCon’s scattered light smoke detector SRM 1/8 detects smoke-emitting fires, e.g. in return-air ducts or dust filters. The smoke detectors can be used in dust-free areas.


Detection of smoke particles


Schrack Seconet’s aspirating smoke detector AirSCREEN ASD 535 employs the latest HD sensor technology for the precise detection of even small levels of smoke particles. The detector continuously monitors the air quality in the area in which it is installed and gives maximum security even in exposed environments. The detector is quiet and can be invisibly installed and is therefore optimal for areas where this is of significance.


IR Monitoring for thermographic monitoring

Irmonitor Overvaagning

Nextech also sells IR monitoring equipment for thermographic monitoring. Read more about IRMonitor here.


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